Food as Destination: Cultural Delicacies as Motivating Factor for Tourist to Travel

Authors: Kenneth Agao, Precil Nicole Canoy, Marinel Pearl Lopez, Samantha Mae Sumang, Roseanne Valino and Rovena Dellova

Issue: 2020-2021


A cultural delicacy characterizes and differentiates location’s diverse culture and history. Delicacy defines and distinguishes location’s rich and distinctive culture and history. It is frequently utilized by people to maintain their cultural identity. Food tourism is becoming essential for developing tourism destinations. Nowadays, foods can be a destination that may trigger travel motivation and be the basis of destination choice. Throughout this study, researchers looked at the characteristics and traits of cultural delicacies that motivate tourists to travel and determine what factors in cultural delicacies may affect their travel decisions. It covers the Philippines, where one can find varieties of local food rich in culture and history. By using an online survey questionnaire, descriptive research methodology was used to gather and analyze data using quantitative techniques. Snowball sampling approach was utilized to gather 300 responses from residing tourists in National Capital Region. Four-point Likert rating scale was applied to measure the responses. The results shows that there are certain characteristics that tourists are looking in cultural delicacies, specifically taste, freshness of ingredients, and visual appearance and the importance of making the attraction popular motivating tourist. However, it also has affecting factor which is the price that made tourists hesitate on consuming a cultural delicacy. Understanding the significance of cultural delicacies in motivating tourists to travel is essential. The results demonstrate that cultural delicacies are important as it have a lot of benefits.  It is indicated that cultural delicacies are very important factor in motivating tourist to travel as it adds to the tourist whole travel experience. The study also gave a greater insight about the finer points of cultural delicacies. The researchers recommend that entrepreneurs engaged in the cultural delicacy sector must improve their features of cultural delicacies and continuously offer tourists by concentrating on the characteristics of cultural delicacies.

KEYWORDS: Cultural Delicacies; Travel Motivation; Travel Experience