Factors on academic performance in the new normal: A focus on the CITHM Working students of the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila

Authors: Carl Friedrich Anobling, Ruth Janela Dimalibot, Leah Ann Duron, Jie Melody Gam and Dianarra Joy Noble and Dr. Jocelyn Camalig

Issue: 2020-2021


The purpose of this study is to identify the factors that could affect their academic performance while being working students and how they manage to improve their grades amidst pandemics. The participants of the study were 156 CITHM working student in Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila. The researchers used a descriptive research design – survey method to assess the prevailing condition of the impact of virtual learning on working students’ academic performance among the college students of Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila amidst a pandemic. Using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, the obtained data was statistically analyzed (SPSS) the findings shows that there is no significant relationship between the variables including academic stress, time, accountability, critical thinking, health, internet connection, hardware, and place that may affect the academic performance of working students of CITHM in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila.

Keywords: Virtual learning, Working Students, Working students amidst pandemic, Virtual learning amidst pandemic, Academic performance.