Environmental Attitude of Guests Toward Staying at Green Hotels

Authors: John Carlo BUNAO, Joshua FALLER, Phat Collin VALDEZ and Doniel Eison VILLAR, Jannin Calang and Leilani Dinzo

Issue: 2022-2023


This study aims to examine the relationship between the environmental attitude of the guests in a green hotel and identify the factors influencing their decision to stay, including knowledge, subjective norms, attitude, intention, and behavioral control. The researcher aimed to determine the guests’ environmental attitude, assess their level of agreement, and explore any significant relationships impacting their stay. A descriptive research approach was employed to comprehensively understand the characteristics of the guest population in the green hotel. Data were collected through an online questionnaire using Google Forms, utilizing convenience sampling, where respondents were chosen based on accessibility. The study included 152 participants, primarily college graduates aged 21-29, who had good experiences staying at Green Hotels. According to the survey, most respondents agreed with the study’s objectives. The researcher found a positive influence of knowledge, subjective norms, attitude, intention, and behavioral control on the guests’ intention to stay at a green hotel.

Keywords: Environmental Attitude, Green Hotel, Behavioral, CITHM