Effects of Korean Wave on Food Purchase Intention of Filipino Gen Z

Authors: Mary Chris Yamzon, Maria Victoria Eusebio, Syrell Aubrey Flores, Jillian Claire Laguipo, Nicole Lumagbas, Romnar Pita and Joseph Cipriano

Issue: 2022-2023


This study determines the factors that affects food purchase intention of Filipino Gen Zs through Korean wave or “Hallyu”. The objective of the study being conducted is to determine the contributing major factors that affects the intention of Filipino Gen Zs on Korean Food purchase intention through three (3) dependent variables naming Attitude towards Korean Wave, Subjective Norm and Perceived Behavioral Control derived from the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and its relation to Korean Wave with additional sub variables added by the researchers. The researchers utilized quantitative data analysis using Descriptive Survey Method as an approach in research design. The Filipino Gen Zs residing in NCR as the respondents of this study will provide answers to help determine what specific motivational factors stated on the questionnaire has the most effect on Korean Food purchase intention of the respondents. 

Keywords: Food Purchase Intention, Korean Wave, Hallyu, Filipino Gen Zs, Korean Food