Assessment on the Perspective of Culinary Arts Students in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila towards Immersing in Gastronomy Tourism Activities: A Baseline Study

Authors: Ariel Leandro Dela Cruz, Caleila Jilliane Fernando, Jayson Liwag, Erlyn Jazmin Mateo,  Jeremy Midoro, and Mr. Danilo Balaysoche

Issue: 2021-2022


In recent years, Gastronomy Tourism has become a significant and thriving component of the appeal of a tourism destination, but very limited studies have focused on its contribution to the academic field, especially to culinary students. This study serve as a baseline study that seeks to find a new learning opportunity to expand the knowledge and skill of culinary students regarding local Gastronomy Tourism by first assessing if the culinary students have active experience in immersing in gastronomy tourism, their willingness to participate and immerse in gastronomy tourism, and lastly their perspective if they agree that they will learn in gastronomy tourism. The study utilized a quantitative method with a descriptive research design by surveying 216 from the population of 1,722 Culinary Students from LPU-Manila. A quota sampling technique has been used to choose the respondents for this study. The result of this study revealed that out of these culinary students, 25.86% or the majority have not experienced gastronomy tourism. The findings also suggest that 60.95% of the students are willing to immerse themselves in gastronomy tourism and most of them with a percentage of 73.87% agreed that they will learn from immersing in various gastronomy tourism activities. 

Keywords: Gastronomy Tourism, Gastronomy Tourism Activities, Culinary Arts, Perspective, Immersion, Assessment