Assessment on Corporate Social Responsibilities on Selected Casual Dining Restaurants in Parañaque City for A Proposed Improved CSR Projects

Authors: Danilo BALAYSOCHE, Mark Emanuel N. AGUILAR, Ramces Lance CAAGUSAN, Nicole Anne PAGGAO, and Jann Karlo REYES

Issue: 2022-2023


This study tackles the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility of restaurants in Parañaque City and how they are aware of it. Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is a system of management in which companies and businesses includes social responsibility, environmental responsibility, and employee responsibility while having profit in consideration. The objective of this paper is to properly propose guidelines and recommendations on corporate social responsibility for those restaurants in Parañaque City that are not aware or not privileged to have corporate social responsibility implemented in their establishment. To gather the required accurate data, the researchers utilized mixed methods of both qualitative and quantitative. Survey questionnaire and structured interviews were conducted with 11 selected participants which are Restaurant owner and/or Mangers. The result of this study showed that restaurants, both large and medium scale that is aware and have implemented corporate social responsibilities still experience challenges such as participating in social initiatives. The researchers formulated recommendations such as, restaurant owners must train the people who they hired for managerial positions. Other recommendations that were proposed include restaurant establishments should have the initiative to conduct research and study about corporate social responsibilities for the betterment of their restaurant and lastly, restaurant establishments should engage and initiate social initiatives to promote the of the surrounding community where their establishment is located. 

Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibilities, Parañaque City, Environment, Casual Dining, Owner/or Manager