Assessment of Experiences of LPU Manila CITHM Working Students: Benefits and Challenges

Authors: Jannin Arnaldo, Rica Diane BALOG, Graciella CHUA, Juleann JACA, Gerrald Allen NERA, Jaide An PEÑAFLOR and Harold Harlan Mercado

Issue: 2022-2023


Introduction: The study explores the impact of juggling work and studies on the academic performance of CITHM college students of LPU Manila. This study used descriptive research design by using that uses survey questionnaires integrated with the Likert scale to assess the student’s experience of juggling academic and work experience. data collected showed that most respondents are 21-25 years old, with females comprising the largest gender group. Majority were from CITHM-CAKO, and a significant portion of respondents were 3rd-year college students. Furthermore, most of the respondents were the eldest child in their families, and the majority worked part-time. The result of the study shows that the demographics of the respondents have varying experience in pertains to academic and work challenges and benefits. Taking everything into account, this research could benefit potential working students to identify the experience of being a working student. As well as the university and teachers to mitigate the drawbacks of being a working student.

Keywords: Students; Working Students; Student Challenges; Student Experiences; Student’s Benefits; Academic Experiences; College.