Assessing the Influence of Instagram on Travel Decisions in the Youth Tourism

Authors: Jelyn D. Ibanga, John Christian C. Visperas, Don RG E. Robles, Jubail B. Muico, Khet Frethcell Calda, and Dr. Dahlia D. Tanquezon 

Issue: 2021-2022


This is a descriptive correlation type of research that assessed the influence of Instagram on travel decisions in youth tourism. The validated and pretested research instrument was uploaded using Google Form and was sent to the respondents through social media. Results show that majority were female, aged 18-25, and students with frequent usage of Instagram. Grand mean of Youth’s level of importance on deciding their travel plans is 4.57 interpreted as Very Important. Grand mean of the level of importance of the youth’s travel motivations is 4.51 interpreted as Very Important. Grand mean on the Instagram’s level of influence towards the youth travelers on choosing a destination is 4.40 interpreted as Very Influential. Grand mean of the level of satisfaction on the experience gained after using Instagram for their travel plans is 4.35 interpreted as Somewhat Important. The null hypothesis was rejected because of the significant relationships (p-values 0.01) among variables.

Keywords: Youth Tourism, Instagram, travel plan