Actual Perception of Product on Online food Advertisement in Relation to the Customer’s Purchase Review

Authors: Hipolito, Pocholo M. , Loreto, Martin James P.  Tabla, John Mathew A and Mr. Percival Villaruel

Issue: 2022-2023


This study determined the significant relationship of the Actual Perception of Product on Online Food Advertisement in Relation to the Customer’s Purchase Review. This research aimed to know the relationship of actual perception of product on online food advertisement of the customers after viewing it and their purchase review on the product they have seen in the advertisement. The research is quantitative research and the researchers utilized correlational research to find the relationship between the two variables, having purposive sampling for the mode of sampling. The respondent of the study has a total of 370 respondents and are the students at the College of International Tourism and Hospitality in Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Survey questionnaires are used to collect the data and were distributed online. In the study, the results indicated that 50.3% of the participants are male and overall, many of them are in the third year 34.1%. The majority of the respondents also indicated that they have purchased food online 99.5% making them ideal for this study’s objectives. The reports on their expenditure showed that many of the participants spent less than PHP 500.00 with a percentage of 47.0% and most of the participants also buy online food products occasionally with 60.3% of them saying they do so once to twice a month lastly, most of them see food advertisements online via social media 88.11%. The findings of the study showed that there is a significant positive relationship between the variables, this means that when variable x increases, variable y also increases for which it explains that the perception of customers on the product on online food advertisement relates on their purchase review.

KEYWORDS: Actual Perception, Customer’s Purchase Review, Relationship