Academic Stereotyping: Impact on Tourism Students’ Achievements Among Selected Universities in Manila

Authors: Denise R. Absulio, Charlene M. Angeles, Charles Allan O. Cabrera, Angela Sheryne L. Malabanan, Stephanie Mae Medina, Lovely Ziganay, and Dr. Rovena I. Dellova

Issue: 2021-2022


This research aimed to identify the impacts that affect tourism students’ achievements regarding academic stereotyping factors. This study determines the reasons for people’s misconceptions about tourism students. This study engaged Descriptive Research Design to gather information on how respondents view Academic Stereotyping to their Academic Achievements. The study collected data from 386 respondents using the stratified sampling technique. The results were examined utilizing weighted mean, frequency, and percentage distribution. The study revealed that most respondents are between 21 to 23 and are predominantly female. Muralla St. Intramuros (School A) has the greatest number of respondents among selected Universities in Manila. The results revealed no significant difference between the three criteria of Academic Stereotyping. It was also concluded that the respondents would continue to pursue a degree in the tourism and hospitality industry regardless of whether or not their subject is stereotypical. Since respondents’ perceptions of the Tourism and Hospitality business are shaped by how they choose to perceive it, their motivation to continue the course and their confidence in it are both strengthened as a result of stereotypes. In this way, stereotypes lead to a positive outcome.

Keywords: Stereotyping, Academic Achievement, Personality Attribution, Professionalism.