Tomb Finder: An Integrated Information Management and Tracing System for Memorial Park with geo-mapping

Authors: Carl Exequiel M. Aldover, Mary Joy D. Loterte, Adrian B. Sanchez, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2022


This paper presents the development of a web-based information management and grave tracing system called “Tomb Finder” for memorial parks. The goal is to facilitate grave location, enhance visitor experience, and streamline data management. The methodology utilizes a descriptive research approach involving surveys to gather user perspectives. The system architecture comprises an admin interface for data entry and management, a user interface for search and transactions, a web server, and a database. Key features include name search to retrieve deceased individual details like burial location; an interactive map marking grave sites; and modules for cleaning requests, lot inquiries, and contract inquiries.

The system is evaluated per ISO 9126 metrics of functionality, reliability, usability, efficiency, maintainability and portability. Results from 39 survey respondents showed strong ratings across all categories. Functionality earned “Excellent” ratings for accuracy, suitability and interoperability.
Usability also scored “Excellent” in terms of understandability, learnability, attractiveness and operability. Efficiency was deemed “Excellent” based on time behavior and resource utilization. Reliability and maintainability earned “Excellent” while portability was rated “Very Good”. The
overall system rating was “Excellent,” indicating effectiveness in meeting requirements and quality standards.

Key conclusions are that Tomb Finder enables enhanced accessibility, navigation and operations for memorial park management through integrated mapping and information systems. Recommended future work includes UI modernization, expanded mobile access, additional mapping APIs, boosted D24security and scalable database capabilities. With further refinement, Tomb Finder aims to set the standard for memorial park digitization, automation and visitor experience transformation.