Piso Print: A Self-Service Printing Kiosk

Authors: Ablaza, Anne Jenyn P., Balcos. Chrichele G., Pancho, Angela A., and Arlene R. Caballero

Issue: 2021


Piso Print, unlike regular printing service, will provide a unique and convenient form of printing service through self-service technology for this instance Piso-Print uses coin-operated machine to obtain payment from its users. Piso Print is a document printing kiosk which is design to be located inside the universities specifically libraries. Piso Print is the answer to express printing for the students. Piso Print’s goal is to provide the students with an easy, convenient and hassle-free printing. Piso Print involves the combination of different hardware such as the coin slot connection to the microcontroller and its connection through computer’s serial port. The monitor and the touch screen panel, printer, storage device and the system unit itself. Combination of the said hardware produces a self-service technology which aims to gives the user the ability to print their own documents with comfort and ease whenever they need to avail printing service through using the kiosk produced from connecting the said hardware. Piso Print covers printing the particular file formats chosen by the proponents, which are the .doc, .docx, and .pdf and monochromatic printing. Furthermore, it is developed to provide convenience and ease in accessibility to the students. Unlike the traditional way of traveling to computer shops that offer printing services outside the school campus or even by nearby shops outside the school building, the kiosk will be placed inside the building which will be easier to students to go to and where their security will not be compromised.