Online Reservation System For D’ Golden Palace Resort Inn Using ASP.NET C# and MS SQL

Authors: Cu, Ted Chesney A., Duran, Kevin Gil Y., and Palma, Jake Russel C.

Issue: 2020


A Reservation is an arrangement which you make so that a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane, etc. is kept for you at a particular time in the future. An act of reserving, keeping back records, concealment or withholding from disclosure. The group decided to propose an online reservation system to create opportunities for people who’s going to Boracay Island, software that can assure you to have a room that fits the needs of your vacation under D’ Golden Palace Resort Inn. The reason that we came up with this project is to increase the number of clients of DGPRI by providing an Online Reservation for tourists not only in the area of Boracay Island but in other parts of the world. The system is created guided by a system methodology named sashimi waterfall model. We choose this model because issues can be discovered earlier in the software development process helping to minimize re-work and better final product. The system we propose has its delimitations also; we did not include Paypal Access for payment for some financial issues and lack of assurance. The substitute payment process is within the bank transfer so there will be a requirement needed in confirming these reservations made by the guest, this requirement is going to be a scanned document of the official receipt after depositing the payment of the said reservation fee. Within the premises of the DGPRI on the set date of arrival the guest must be there. If not, the payment is not refundable. Basically this project mainly works like a reservation system so one person can reserve himself even beyond the premises of DGPRI.