Network Infrastructure Upgrade for Systems Networks Company, Ltd.

Author: Alan Diaz Syfu

Issue: 2019


Systems Networks Company, Ltd. (SNC) requires an upgrade to their network infrastructure that will provide state-of-the-art technologies such as High Availability and Advanced Network Security, in which their existing network infrastructure is incapable to deliver. The proponent proposes a Project for a new enterprise infrastructure that meets all the earlier mentioned SNC requirements, plus improved network speed, manageability, reliability and scalability. Such infrastructure also provisions for Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony for all the SNC offices in the same building. The incorporated solution features high performance Cisco Switches, backed by industry proven Cisco networking stability in the enterprise environment. The solution also features the combination of new Fiber Optic backbone links providing up to 10Gbps and, existing CAT6 UTP cabling that offer 1Gbps data transfers to/from the end users. The whole network has been redesigned based on products by the industry’s leading vendor, Cisco Systems, which signifies a single-vendor network environment. This allows an easier and more effective network management, reducing operational expenses as well as providing a better foundation for adopting upcoming innovations from Cisco. Similar functions, features and procedures will be available universally across the entire network, thereby engaging only a single protocol from technical support minimizing coordination effort and miscommunication in implementation or troubleshooting.