Network Infrastructure and Cabling Structure with Disaster Planning for BIR Marikina Branch

Authors: Claro, Kevin DS., Necia, Jim Robert W., and Secapuri, Alvin M.

Issue: 2020


The Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR is a government agency in the Philippines that is responsible for collecting taxes. This government agency is an attached agency of Department of Finance. BIR collects more than one-half of the total revenues of the government. In this Capstone Project, the BIR in Marikina City is the chosen location. If a network is not wireless such as the BIR-Marikina, then it needs wiring to allow computers to share information. If the wiring is loose or disconnected, employees will have trouble accessing shared information and will delay each transaction. This Capstone Project is meant to enhance the performance of the BIR-Marikina to process data within the entire agency and to improve transaction with taxpayers. It also aims to improve the cabling structure and network infrastructure in the BIR-Marikina to be able to enhance their performances and operations. If they have proper network cabling, there would be no difficulties in sharing data or data trafficking and no delay in transactions. In the BIR-Marikina, every transaction is important for it affects the agency entirely. If transactions by BIR-Marikina to taxpayers are fast and reliable, then the taxes that should they rendered will be received accurately. Those taxes would help in our country’s economic state for it fund things like welfare, social security, improvement of local roads, furthering education and a lot more. A good network cabling in the BIR Marikina can speed up data transfer immensely, thereby reducing costs, saving time and helping in overall productivity of the agency