“ENGKORPHIL” A Three-Way Language Translator

Authors: Aganon, Patrick Anthony C., Francisco, Mark Anthony L., and Gayacao, Ariel Vincent A.

Issue: 2020


A Language is a symbolic, rule-driven system of conventional signs employed for purposes of communication, self-expression, representation, thinking and manipulation of concepts, definition of the world and reality, storage and transmission of knowledge, establishing and maintaining of social relations, creating and participating in group identities, incorporating new members into an existing group, marking boundaries with or excluding other individuals or groups, and the creative and re-creative transformation of the world. Years ago, people had a hard time understanding different languages. They must look for books or consult an expert in linguistics but now there are software that can give the translation of the words in seconds, you don’t need to look for it in the books and you don’t have to consult an expert anymore. So the proponents decided to develop a language translator to create opportunities for people who are going to visit other countries, software that can translate words or common sentences in seconds. The proponents also pushed through with the project for the reason that many people go to other countries for some reasons, but of course the language of the people in that country is different from the language of the country that you came from. And in order to communicate with them, it is necessary that one must understand their language and must know how to express themselves in their language so that they can understand