Calorie Watch: A mobile application For Calorie Intake and Monitoring Using Android Eclipse

Authors: Ariñes, Kurt Mervin O., Deroña, Khristine Rei R., and Mojica, Michelle O.

Issue: 2020


Technology makes our daily lives easier than before. The mobile application has served as a novelty of sorts during the past several years. As year goes by, mobile application becoming very popular as people like them for their high technologies and features. Today, phones are not just use for making calls or texting. It also use for many different activities like gaming, sending emails, chatting, browsing the net, etc. The Calorie Counter Watch mobile application will have a database of common food and especially Filipino delicacies which you can search and scan through. Developing a mobile application related to one’s health will be an important contribution. With Filipinos now, having trouble on nutrition and yes, being overweight, this application will help them surely. A traditional calorie counter is a very effective and very safe way of diet. This can help users track how many calories they’ve burned, how many calories there are in their diet, and the number of calories in the food they eat. The researchers decide to create a mobile application that concerns about the people who thinks they are overweight or underweight, health buffs and people who wants to have proper nutrition. Calorie Watch target users are the users that have problems or conscious about their weight. We developed this kind of mobile application to help them to monitor their daily calorie intake. With the use of this mobile application, their monitoring of their calories intake will make them easier to record. Once the mobile application been deployed, the target users can download the application in the cloud computing for free. All they have to do is just download and install it to their android phones.