At@Sign: An Automated Sign Language Recognition for Deaf Children in Preschool and School Age Level

Authors: De Leon, Edgie Boy R., Paalan, Jojie, and Ramoran, Juan Carlo E.

Issue: 2019


This project aims to develop an automated sign language called @Sign, for the deaf community, a system facilitating communication on sign language. The aim of this tool is to interpret automatically texts in visual-gestural language by using animation technology. It is a system interpreter of sign language that would be useful in enabling people who do not know sign language to communicate with deaf individuals and to contribute, such that, in eliminating the language barrier between deaf and hearing people. This tool is based on a collaborative approach to create dictionaries of sign language. This tool can be used by deaf persons to communicate together or to learn sign language; it would also enable people who do not know SL to communicate with deaf individuals. A secondary objective of this project is to distribute this tool on a non-profit basis to different users (i.e. instructors, students and researchers) though encourage its wide use by different communities. A call for contribution to support this project would be disseminated at a later stage.