A Web Ecosystem for User-Driven Healthcare Appointment Management

Authors: Angel C. Maluyo III, Juan Carlos Miguel E. Osorio, Arlene R. Caballero, and Erlito M. Albina

Issue: 2022


This paper presents a proposed “Web Health Ecosystem with Appointment Scheduling” system to address inefficiencies in healthcare services in the Philippines. The goal is to simplify appointment management and improve coordination between patients, doctors, and administrators through an integrated web-based platform.

Key features include doctor and patient account registration, doctor availability and location listings, specialty-based search, and a chat tool for health inquiries. The system architecture comprises front-end user interface, back-end logic and database components. Testing methodology followed usability, efficiency and user satisfaction metrics.

Results from a survey of 60 users indicated positive experiences in finding appropriate doctors and scheduling visits. The system earned an overall rating of “Very Good”, with particular strengths in inclusivity and appointment wait time reduction. However, some limitations around tailoring doctor schedules and interface polish were noted.

The proposed system demonstrates potential to overhaul legacy processes like phone tag or administrative delays that make healthcare delivery frustrating for Filipinos today. Easy discovery of the right providers and self-scheduling of appointments aim to build patient trust and engagement. While promising, further refinements to doctor workflow integration and user testing at scale would help smooth adoption for mainstream healthcare players. With a thoughtful implementation approach, the Web Health Ecosystem could make quality healthcare access more equitable across the Philippines.