A Unified Payment System Through the Use of RFID as Cash Card

Authors: Abbas, Abduljamar A., Gamit, Karla C. and Legaspi, Aaron Joseph S.

Issue: 2021


Innovative payment system using a Cash Card is the system proposed by the proponents that provides efficiency, convenience and security for the students and other stakeholders of the new payment system of a university. The typical way of transacting businesses in various institutions and universities is the manual system which is the usual and customary way when managing businesses transactions. Thus, the whole team of the proponents thought of an innovative way wherein the stakeholders may transact businesses at the various facilities of their own university with ease and comfort. Students may no longer need to bring large amount of money every day, thus, minimizing their fear of being in a perilous situation but can still transact business with the use of the innovative payment system using cash card. The researchers dedicate the system for any university and offer them the system by installing the software in its units. If the school administration desires the system, the researchers will put the system up for sale and let the Information Technology department of the university to establish the system around the campus vicinity