Web Scraping Algorithm Implemented in a Traffic Inquiry System Using Short Messaging Service

Authors: Alarcon, Ralph Justin, Belardo, Arianna, Grande, Ramon, Mendoza, Liezel, and Mendoza, Ma. Katrina

Issue: 2020


The proposed study provides information about traffic condition within certain places in Manila, with the use of SMS and mobile phones. Behind this, the proponents endeavored to determine what type of algorithm to be used in the study. The proponents came up with an algorithm that fetches information from the website which is called Web Scraping Algorithm. The proponents identify steps on how to fetch information from website. The proponents identify the method on how web scraping works including its syntax. This research gathers information from well-defined sources. The proposed Web Scraping Algorithm enables scraping of website. The proponents used PHP scripting language to parse the MMDA website and made the information to be saved in MS Access 2007 database. Aside from scraping the web, the proponents also used Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to manage inbound and outbound information. Generally, the proposed study sought to achieve the objectives of the study itself.