Online Platform for Validation of Barangay Clearance

Authors: Bulauan, Raymart S., Garces, Avelino S., and Pajalla, John Edcel

Issue: 2020


There are many different websites that had been developed over the decades, based on their own use and attributes. Some are useful and others are irrelevant but the most important part is to provide the needs of the society. There are different perspectives of websites so those users are able to browse different kinds of website. The main focus of this study is to provide verification website; Automated Barangay; Verification Code; Data Printing of Barangay Clearance, to avoid falsification of documents, and to lessen abused people who fake’s documents to provide their needs and a barangay terminal system which will lessen the work-hours of the staffs in the barangay. The website contains the number code of the barangay clearance given to the people or employer, and also the company or business firm able to download the barangay clearance to check whether the document is real. Since most of the barangays here in the Philippines have a computer, they use the system that we will provide will help a lot. The researchers aim to provide verification and help the company, business establishments and other more through this website.