Memory Allocation Simulator Using First-Fit Algorithm

Authors: Ang, John Rafael, Diaz, Adrian Rafael Q., Herrera, Gian Carlo M., Mariano, James Carlo B., Montilla, Virgilio S. Jr., and Tornito, Mary Angeline G.

Issue: 2021


Memory management is one of the most important parts of an operating system. Its basic function is to optimize the use of Random Access Memory (RAM) by allocating portions of the memory to programs or applications at their request, and freeing it for reuse when no longer needed. Poor memory management, however, can affect the speed and efficiency of programs, thus the proponents, conducted a simulation-based comparative study that will help identify which memory management algorithm is the most efficient. This will help computer users to understand how computer performance is affected through maximizing the computer’s memory, thereby also showing an increased performance of applications they commonly use.