Basic Language Reference for Japan or Korea: An m-Learning Application

Authors: Bacay, Merry Jean C., Custodio, Ivan A., Palaganas, Andrew P., Perez, Malver D., and Wong, Antonio M.

Issue: 2022


The “Basic Language Reference for Japan or Korea: an m-Learning Application” came from the combination of concepts of the proponents of the study which aims to create an application that will be deployed on a flash-supported mobile phones to serve as a language or communication reference for people who have the plan to travel or visit Japan or Korea. Descriptive Method and Correlation Research were used in this study. Interviews, survey questionnaires and observations were the approaches applied in the study in order to validate the information visible in the application. These approaches also served as a feasibility study to determine whether the development of the application is practical or worth pursuing. Since the proponents only have a limited time, working hand in hand with the end-users and respondent, 30 Tourism students of Lyceum of the Philippines University, speed up the development process since everyone is directly involved.