Android Application of Soil Health Meter to Assess Soil Health for Abundant Cultivation of Plants and Crops

Authors: Fortes, Excielle Qier M., and Perdido, Gemo Ian T.

Issue: 2020


This study is an analysis of an extensive soil profile to identify the most suitable crops and plants for the soil profile. Reliability measures were conducted through a test run before the actual testing of soil samples which ensured the consistency of results. Compatibility of the application used a device that supports Android Operating System. Eclipse Classic, SQLite Database and Android SDK were studied and used to be able to implement and apply the algorithm of the system.
This research was divided into different basic parts: overview of the current state of technology, which contains the background and introduction to the study, objectives, scopes and limitations, significance and the methodologies used; the review of the related literature, in which cited are the related studies and concepts to the research; the framework containing the conceptual discussion and the system design which includes architecture, system overview, objectives, physical resources and diagrams.