An Application of Graph Theory on a Community Based Monitoring – Decision Support System

Authors: Chua, Cristine D. Dela Cruz, Carlo T. Flojo, Kenneth K. Gonzales, Lalaine H. Lim, Patrick A.

Issue: 2022


Modernizations pave way to a new technology that government agencies use today to automate government transactions which is called E-Governance. Having the capability to apply this technology can make transactions of all firms faster and more accurate and secured than the previous system. This study was developed to minimize the lack of incident reporting from every barangay to its municipality, department and company. The system helped the barangay chairman to send reports faster, more accurate and secured to its respective departments. Graph theory is an application that was used in the strictly as the basis of decision making by the officials of the different departments in the Philippines receives the reports. Application used to create a graph is the open flash chart that works when installed in a web page and downloads the data files from the PHP library then displays the results in the chart the latest version of the open flash chart application is the 1.9.7 open flash chart