A Digital Touch Screen Table for Casual Dining Type of Restaurant

Authors: Centeno, Adrian, Dy, Daniel, and Taniegra, John Carlo

Issue: 2019


In every casual dining restaurant, providing quality service and good food are the most important goals of what a profitable restaurant should have. But besides these features, goodwill also plays an important role as well. Major complaints from customers due to delays of services not only give bad image for the company but it also incurs additional loss for the time lost. In this summary, the researchers want to extend the capability of the modern technology in ordering system of casual dining restaurants. The researchers want the ordering system for the customers to be more convenient by using digital menu board with the available means of the restaurant. This study will aim to make a more effective style of ordering by having a kiosk that has interactive menu than can send POS or Point of Sale from the cashier to the kitchen. This is a user-friendly system where most customers can interact with even for the first time. This is so because most of its features are pictured just like the traditional manual or printed menus. This digital service will make taking orders more accurate, consistent and efficient in answering the needs of casual dining restaurant about keeping good relationship and image to their customers