THM Alumnus Recognized at World Gourmet Awards in Singapore

From the Walls of Intramuros… to the World! 

Congratulations to LPU CITHM (College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management) (College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management) Alumnus, Remz Ocampo for winning the World Gourmet Award (WGA) for Bartending in Singapore. We are proud of your achievements as you continue to take the lead!  

Highlighted on his profile in the WGA Awards website, Remz Dominic A. Ocampo discovered his love for bartending during his college days in the Philippines. Brando Tanauan, a founder at the Organization of Bar Professionals, Philippines, played an influential role in Ocampo’s career towards the bar scene. Though he started off as a flair bartender, Ocampo soon realised the importance of mixology, weaving his technical ability with product ability.  

Ocampo clinched several titles over the course of his bartending career that included his emerging as the top 3 in Bartenders Mixology Master Class hosted by Philippine Bartenders’ League Inc. – a member of the International Bartenders Association – in 2013, and he was thereafter invited to be part of the affiliation.  

His repertoire in the various techniques stretches from flaring to experimental molecular – continually working with chefs to improve his skills by incorporating cooking techniques like smoking, sous vide, and use of herbs in his creations.  

Being a photography enthusiast, he believes a good cocktail is like a beautiful picture – where stills can originate life and character.” 

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