TESDA Assessment Center

About CTE


The Center for Technical Education as TESDA Accredited assessment center is dedicated to excellence in providing support system of the academic units in the recognition and awards of certifications based on TESDA standards of knowledge, skills and values acquired by students.


The Center for Technical Education is committed to the following mission:

1. Sets directions and implements standards geared towards a quality-assured assessment and certification system.

2. Align the assessment and certification standards with Philippine Qualifications framework thereby producing quality graduates.

3. Process the formal assessment and certification of students that confers official recognition of value in the labor market.

Quality Policy and Objectives

Center for Technical Education is committed to provide QUALITY, EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE SERVICE to the University stakeholders through excellent management system in processing the TESDA assessment and certifications with values and professionalism.

In implementing the quality policy, Center for Technical Education of Lyceum of the Philippines University shall:

  1. Establish standards and level of qualifications to support national and international work opportunities for students.
  2. Ensure the conduct of competency assessment with impartiality and prudence.
  3. Provide quality assurance and quality review approaches that focus on ensuring quality outcomes.
  4. Provide accurate and clear information in relation to competency assessment and support services for stakeholders.
  5. Ensure functional and efficient management systems.
  6. Provide adequate resources and facilities in the conduct of competency assessment.
  7. Improve quality services continuously through a responsive feedback mechanism.

TESDA Accredited Qualification 

Food and Beverage Services NC II AC-FBS0213062224110 April 20, 2024 2 HOURS
Food and Beverage Services NC III AC-FBS0313062224113 April 20, 2024 3 HOURS
Barista NC II AC-BRT0213062224111 April 20, 2024 1 HOUR and 20 MINS.
Bartending NC II  AC-BAR0213062224112 April 20, 2024 3 HOURS and 20 MINS.
Front Office Services NC II  AC-FOS0213062224128 May 24, 2024 2 HOURS and 20 MINS.
Housekeeping NC II AC-HSK0213062224129 May 24, 2024 3 HOURS and 40 MINS.
Events Management Services NC III AC-EVM0313062224114 April 20, 2024 6 HOURS
Tourism Promotion Services NC II AC-TPS0213062224115 April 20, 2024 4 HOURS and 10 MINS
Bread and Pastry Production NC II AC-BPP0213062224126 May 24, 2024 4 HOURS
Cookery NC II AC-COK0213062224127 May 24, 2024 4 HOURS and 30 MINS.
Bookkeeping NC III AC-BKP0313062224125 May 24, 2024 5 HOURS
Animation NC II AC-ANM0213062325115 February 28, 2025 6 HOURS
Web Development NC III AC-WBD0313062325148 March 28, 2025 8 HOURS
Visual Graphic Design NC III AC-VGD0313062325147 March 28, 2025 7 HOURS
3D Animation NC III AC-3DA0313062325149 March 28, 2025 16 HOURS

Application Procedures


Food and Beverage Services NC II 882 
Barista NC II 1,295 
Bartending NC II 1,399 
Food and Beverage Services NC III 1,078 
Events Management Services NC III 905 
Tourism Promotion Services NC II 870 
Bookkeeping NC III 841 
Bread and Pastry Production NC II 
Cookery NC II  
Front Office Services NC II 907 
Housekeeping NC II 1,108 
Animation NC II 1,200 
Web Development NC III 968 
Visual Graphic Design NC III 932 
3D Animation NC III 2,078 

The 1-day national assessment seeks to determine if a person can perform to the standards expected in the workplace based on the defined competency standards. Once you pass the national assessment for the qualification you are trying to get certified in, a National Certification will be provided. This ensures the productivity, quality, and global competitiveness of middle-level workers.


LPU Applicants

STEP 1: Go to the Center for Technical Education Office to fill up the form.

STEP 2: Go to Cashier’s Office to pay for Assessment Fee.

STEP 3: Go back to the Center for Technical Education Office to present the official receipt of the assessment fee and get your admission slip which will be presented during the national assessment.

STEP 4: National Assessment Day

Complete the assessment procedure conducted by the TESDA-accredited assessors.

Note: The schedule (date and time) and other details of the assessment will be sent via email or thru SMS.