Our Career Directory is now Live!

#DidYouKnow that most of enrolled college students chose LPU based on career opportunities after graduation? This portal will give LPU students access to more opportunities, less time wasted, and more informed decisions! Sign up now for free!

More jobs for Lyceum of the Philippines University students  

Students from LPU now have access to a world-class career directory. Through LPU’s career directory, students can discover and apply for internships, fresh graduate jobs, and graduate programs.  

More opportunities 

Internships and graduate programs offer students significantly more opportunities than regular roles, including but not limited to structured programs, including training, mentoring, department rotations, and even opportunities to travel.  

Less time wasted 

For students, sifting through generic career directories is time-consuming, often irrelevant, and frustrating.  

A massive 59% of graduates expect to still be searching for a job more than three months after graduation. Students expect to make, on average, 17 applications before they are offered a graduate job.  

More informed decisions 

Students can also find valuable information to help guide their decisions, including employer profiles, reviews from graduates on the job, graduate stories, and day in a life profiles, giving students an objective perspective of what it’s like to work at the company. 

Career directories 

Having a career directory is one of the many ways LPU helps students access the best possible job and studying opportunities. 

Students can access the LPU career directory at https://lpumanila.prosple.com

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