About CSI

Center for Career Services and Industry Relations

The Practicum Program aims to strengthen the commitment of the University to develop its students’ personal and professional growth through the support of the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations (CSI). It allows students to apply theories learned in school to actual work experiences and thereby, find integration between the academe and the industry.


CSI will be recognized as an integral unit that links the Academe and Industry, to provide students with experiential transformation for career advancement towards national development and internationalization.


As a service unit of a leading University in the Asia Pacific Region, the CSI is committed to

  • Cultivate and maintain partnerships with prominent local and international organizations.
  • Support and assist in the placement of students while meeting the competencies required by each course.
  • Implement effective and efficient monitoring of the students in close coordination with the industry superiors in their respective placement to assure skills development and career readiness.