COT Professionals bagged the Best Oral Presentation Award at the prestigious iCORE 2022 Conference

The College of Technology would like to congratulate Ms. Irene Balmes and Dr. Erlito Albina, for the award received as “Best Oral Presentation in Emerging Technologies. The prestigious iCORE 2022 Conference recognizes outstanding research and writing in the field, and It is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the winning authors.

The winning paper, entitled “50: Validation of Customer Requirements for a Software Startup Named Parada: Parking Space Rental and Leasing Application System,” showcases the latest trends in emerging technologies. The authors, Ms. Irene L. Balmes and Dr. Erlito Albina have made significant contributions to the field through their research, and this award is a well-deserved recognition of their efforts.

In this paper, the authors discuss the importance of customer requirements, which would be the core foundation for developing an innovative solution. The highlight of the paper is to match customer requirements with design requirements using the Design Thinking Model.