Last Call for Graduation Pictorial Class 2024

LPU Manila Graduation Pictorial for Class 2024 will resume this July 15-19, 2024, at SHL-ARC Building.

1. Before registering, make sure you’ve paid your graduation pictorial and yearbook fees. You will be asked to present your EAF form and O.R. (official receipt) before starting the photo shoot.

2. For the ladies, bring/wear a tube (any color) for the shoot. For the gentlemen, bring/wear a white long sleeve.

3. You can bring your own make-up kit, but you are not allowed to bring a make-up artist because in your yearbook package is already include of professional hair and make-up styling services.

4. LPU togas, hoods and medals will be available for the shoot and will be sanitized/disinfected after each use.

5. You may borrow the official formal attire from the studio. Bringing your own formal attire is highly recommended.

For those who will avail, please register through:

For question and inquiries, you may contact or drop by at Alumni Affairs Office or Zone5 through its FB page for details.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.