Graduation Pictorial for Class 2024

Please be advised that GRADUATION PICTORIAL for #LPUClass2024 will start this May 20-24, 2024.

Guidelines and Reminders:

1. Settle your graduation pictorial and yearbook fees before registering. EAF and Official Receipt (OR) will be presented prior to the shoot.

2. Wear a tube (any color) for the girls, and white shirt for the boys.

3. LPU togas, hoods and medals will be available for the shoot and will be sanitized/disinfected after each use.

4. You may borrow the official formal attire from the studio. Bringing of their own formal attire is highly recommended.

5. To limit the number of attendees at a given time, strictly no chaperones will be allowed in the venue.

6. Be advised to arrive 15 minutes before the assigned time slot.

For those who will avail, please register through.

For question and inquiries, you may contact or drop by at Alumni Affairs Office or Direct Message Zone 5 through its FB page for schedule.

Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.