#TLPNews | LPU-SHS undergoes ‘myLPU Retooling Webinar’ prior to the resumption of classes

In preparation for the upcoming 2nd Semester, LPU Senior High School students took part in the “myLPU Retooling Webinar” this Monday, January 31, 2021, via MS Teams. There have been separate sessions for Grades 11 and 12, both spearheaded by the SHS faculty and ICT department.

To formally begin the program, an invocation prayer was led by Mr. Billy Natad for Grade 11 and Ms. Lucy Blanco for Grade 12, followed by the singing of the National Anthem.

To tackle the new updates, features, and technicalities of MS Teams, AIMS Student & Parent Portal, and Microsoft Office 365, Mr. Noli Silvestre Villanueva took the virtual stage for Grade

11 students, as well as Ms. Monette Villafranca – Pelayo from the ICT Department for Grade 12 students.

Afterward, a short Q&A segment where the students can raise their concerns about the password restrictions and other issues followed. The speaker was given the Certificate of Appreciation for his valuable input on the said event.

Students were given a 10-minute break before proceeding to the Retooling Proper.

Eventually, Ms. Maria Corazon Adriano, Technology and Training Development Manager of Center for Technology-Enabled Education (CEL), conducted the myLPU e-Learning Portal Orientation for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. She introduced the myLPU version 3.11 and expounded its learning activities, resources, and system requirements. Ms. Adriano also answered the FAQs and walked the students through the new myLPU learning course structure. Following her presentation is another Q&A segment. Ms. Adriano received her Certificate of Appreciation for sharing her expertise in the myLPU e-Learning Portal.

Ms. Clarence Alipio, the Senior High School Principal, gave the closing remarks, followed by a photo opportunity with the students, teachers, and speakers. They played the Lyceum hymn to conclude the event.

The myLPU Retooling webinar reinstalled technical knowledge to the students after the long semestral break. It also served as a refresher for students in their upcoming endeavor in the new semester of online learning. Aside from that, it provided them the ability to master the use and navigation of the online learning platform provided by the school, such as Microsoft applications and myLPU. With that, the students can maximize its features and advantages without any confusion.

Coverage by: Edbert Deliezo and Louise de Lumen