13th Annual Search for Best Student Research

Pursuant to its mission to advance and preserve knowledge by undertaking research, disseminating the findings, and utilizing its results, Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU) Research and Innovation Center (RIC) conducted the 12th Annual Search for Best Student Research on February 19, 2019 at the JPL Hall of Freedom. Nine student researchers from different colleges presented their research outputs from the Social Sciences, the Humanities, the Natural Sciences and Technology. 

College of Arts and Sciences 

  • Ang Pagbabalik-Loob: Lived Experiences of the Former Members from the New People’s Army to the Philippine Government 
    • Apostol, Casandra Kaye C. and Molina, Frances Karina L. 
  • Combating Fake News: Assessment of Article 154 (RPC)  to Address the Proliferation of Online Fake News 
    • Angeles, Amberlyne A., Aquino, Ianmin DP., and Sambilay, Ma. Lucia Mikhaela H.   

College of Business Administration 

  • The Comparative Analysis on the Effects of TRAIN Law on the Performance of a Local Manufacturing Company Offering Sugar – Sweetened Beverages 
    • Basilonia, Ram Nichol T., Cinco, Raymart F., Orante, Ivan F., and Padecio, Jaex Gumthar S.
  • A Comparative Analysis on the Work Experience in the Public Practice VS Private Practice as Perceived by the CPAs in Metro Manila 
    • Andal, Angelica P., Mira, Patricia May R., Tadeo, Trisha Ann C., and Tuazon, Nadine L. 

College of International Relations 

  • Solid Waste Management: The Enactment of Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (R.A 9003) in Addressing the Waste Crisis 
    • Guisansana, Lesle Glen G., Mag-uyon, Janae Denise R., and Nabing, Chelsea Bless P. 
  • The Sun Meets the Dragon: Japan and China’s Official Development Assistance in Philippine Infrastructure Development 
    • Caraig, Hanna Gale Yunik T., Carls, Lianne Carysse G., Salarzon, Catheline B., and Simbulan, Trisha Joy C. 

College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management 

  • Job Opportunity at Risk: Perspectives of Barista on Inevitable Advancement of Technology in the Hospitality Industry 
    • Alvarez, Austin Marion B., Adique, Allysa Denise C., Frias, Chinelene G., and Reyes, Aldren U. 

College of Technology 

  • Object Recognition and Hearing Assistive Technology Mobile Application using Convolutional Neural Network 
    • Catli, Kristopher Elijah I., Babierra, Aldwin Garry F., and Caballero, Arlene R. 
  • onyxRay: A Mobile-based Nail Diseases Detection Using Custom Vision Machine Learning 
    • Pinoliad, Sholomon L., Dichoso, Duanne Austin N., Caballero, Arlene R., and Albina, Erlito M. 

Congratulations LPU Student Researchers!!!