The Market Potential and Profitability of Power Zap: A Product and Market Study

Authors: Al Jason Gallardo and John Hendrix Valientes

Issue: 2018-2019


Through this fast-paced industry, innovation and modernism became inevitable. Concerning the immediate grow of demand on renewable resources came the concept Power Zap. Renewable sources of energy is needed which can function round the clock without any disruption. Power Zap is one of this kind. It works on the power of the sun, converting solar to electrical and helps in charging devices which can be used in communication, and thus, turns to be vital during disasters and power outage.

The major factor that drove this project is that, it is one method of charging that utilizes the renewable sources of energy where it can overcome the exhaustible usage of power and charge. Thus, it reduces the environmental pollution and is much user friendly. During disasters and power outages, it can be used with ease and with a long and ceaseless durability of device and power.

Power Zap commits itself to contribute to our society by advocating power banks that charges fast and stays charged longer. It also intends to promote the solar panel capability which its usefulness will be felt in calamity-stricken countries such as the Philippines. It will also be instrumental in the preservation of the environment.

Keywords: Product Viability, Market Study, Powerbank