Productivity and Collaboration: The Effectiveness of Microsoft Teams Software on Selected Employees in Metro Manila

Authors: Mark John Capili, Emy Rose Cay, Ericka Mae Perillo, and Irvin R. Perono

Issue: 2020-2021


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, many companies have been hampered in their operations, and the worst of it is that many of them have closed, particularly those that operated in a traditional manner without the use of software. However, to conduct their operations more efficiently in the market, large corporations must adopt a modern approach, which entails implementing a new advanced technology that will be of great benefit to the company and its employees. The aim of the research was to examine the effectiveness of Microsoft Teams Software on employee collaboration and productivity. 400 qualified respondents participated in the survey conducted. Results shows 40.8% of the respondents agreed that utilization of MS Teams software increased their productivity and 32.3% of respondents said that MS Teams helped them collaborate with colleagues. Furthermore, there is no significant difference between the employee’s productivity, collaboration with colleagues and their demographic profile Sex, Age, Type of Employment, and Years with current company. However, there is a significant difference between the employee’s productivity and collaboration with colleagues and Hours spend daily using MS Teams. Therefore, to increased employee’s productivity and collaboration, employees must spend more time and effort to utilize Microsoft Teams Software.

Keywords: Microsoft Teams, Productivity, Collaboration, COVID-19, Software