Authors: Barbasa, Janna Lee N., Cunanan, Katrina Kayle, Delos Reyes, Khryslle March Quezanne P., Rodriguez, Catherine Ann S., and Oller, Rose Daphne R.

Issue: 2019-2020


This study was conducted to understand the role and response of Bureau of Customs – NAIA in the parcel release process during the COVID-19 pandemic under formal entry. This study used the descriptive-comparative research design which interprets the current status of individuals, settings, conditions, or events (Research Methods, 2016) to determine the adequacy and effectiveness of the Bureau of Customs – NAIA response and role in parcel release during the COVID-19 pandemic. Such research design is used since the research has more than 2 variables used. For the research instrument, a self-constructed questionnaire was used with a Likert scale for the respondents to measure how efficient and adequate is the parcel release process and it is modified from related research and literatures and individual questions formed by the researchers.The researchers were able to collect and interpret the data gathered and they tallied to get the satisfaction level of the stakeholders to know if the Bureau of Customs – NAIA was adequate and efficient with the newly implemented regulations under the parcel release during the pandemic.The findings indicated that the customs brokers are only satisfied with the changes from the Bureau. While the freight forwarder and express operators are very satisfied. It also showed that the h0 or the null hypothesis is rejected. Therefore, accepting the alternative hypothesis as the outcome of the study which is there is a significant difference on the respondents’ assessment on the adequacy and efficiency of Bureau of Customs – NAIA responses in the treatment of parcel release during COVID-19 pandemic.

Keywords: Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker, Express Operator, Formal Entry, COVID-19 Pandemic