Adherence to Ethical Standards: An Examination of Filipino Customs Brokers’ Practices

Authors: Gianno Gray Tan, Francis Roi Querijero, Jhonia Alcaraz, Emmanuel Dotong, and Rose Daphne Oller

Issue: 2018-2019


The trade industry is often confronted with ethical dilemmas, particularly regarding the conflict of interest between the financial motivations of business owners and the fiduciary duties of brokers to their clients. This conflict is epitomized in the customs brokerage profession, where the pursuit of higher commissions can sometimes overshadow the best interests of clients. This research scrutinizes the extent to which Filipino customs brokers adhere to their professional Code of Ethics, specifically in their client relations. The study focuses on understanding the gap between ethical protocol and practice, exploring whether brokers’ actions align with ethical guidelines designed to protect client interests. By examining the behavior of selected customs brokers within the Philippines, the research provides insights into the ethical landscape of the profession, potentially informing policy and educational strategies aimed at reinforcing ethical standards in the industry.

Keywords: Customs Brokers, Professional Ethics, Code of Compliance, Client Relations, Philippines