The Political Brand Activism of Colourette Cosmetics on Makati City’s Millennial Buying Behavior

Authors: Abalde, Adrian T., Nuñez, Klara Alexandra, and Villa, Cris Denzel B.

Year: 2022


The most recent election in the Philippines, which took place in May 2022, sparked the researchers’ interest in conducting additional research on the effects of political brand activism on Millennials in Makati City. The unveiling of a brand’s authenticity in relation to its stance on various socio-political issues is one of the most critical roles that brand activism plays in today’s market. In the course of this research, the researchers carried out an in-depth interview with five (5) key informants who are residents of Makati City and who purchase Colourette Cosmetics. The objective of the study was to determine whether Millennial are aware or unaware of the political brand activism that is now taking place. According to the findings of the study, the political brand activism executed by Colourette Cosmetics was predicted to have a beneficial impact on the purchasing decisions made by the company’s Millennial consumers. In addition, Millennial have a heightened knowledge of political brand activism based on the personal accounts of the participants of the study. The findings shed light on a number of additional factors, including Authenticity and Endorsed Political Candidate, amongst others, and that Colourette Cosmetics customers will continue to support the business even if their political convictions are different from those of Colourette Cosmetics.

Key Concept: Political Brand Activism, Millennial, Buying Behavior, Philippines, Makati City