Online Smart-Shaming: A Phenomenological Study of CAS College Students in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila

Authors: Macam, Nica Mae L., Relucio, Angelo G., Reyes, Julce Marie Anne M., and Sta Cruz, Ellaine A.

Year: 2021


To determine the occurrence of Smart shaming within social media and the factors that can shape this phenomenon. This study also answers the effects of Smart shaming to the individuals who experienced it. The researchers collected the data from the participants through in-depth interviews using semi-structured interview questions to delve into their lived experiences related to Smart shaming. Smart shaming is evident within social media platforms especially in Face book wherein social discourse usually happened. The result of this study shows that the individuals who experienced Smart shaming are receiving derogatory remarks attacking their intellectual capability as they were involved in social discourse during the recent national election campaign period. It also stated in this study that experiencing the said phenomenon resulted in different negative effects. Therefore, Smart shaming is a phenomenon which also happens in social media platforms wherein social discourse takes place and it leads to mocking someone’s intellectual pursuit due to having different beliefs that can affect an individual’s mental stability.

Key Concept: Smart shaming, Social Media, Anti-Intellectualism, Cyber bullying, Phenomenology, Social discourse.