Intellectual Property in the Time of Modernity: Evaluating the Legal Framework of Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines on AI-Generated Works and Copyright

Authors: Atendido, Kaye T. and Caybot, Pia Algera A.

Year: 2018


The undeniable advancements of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s time of modernity have vividly revolutionized the creative landscape, giving rise to a new era of machine-generated works. With AI’s growing ability to generate creative works across various mediums, including text, music, and images, the question of whether these works deserve copyright protection becomes increasingly pertinent. This paper attempts to evaluate the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines concerning AI-generated works and copyright entitlement. It involves unraveling the complex issues of copyright protection for AI-generated works within the Philippine context. The examination encompasses not only the local legal framework but also international ones, policy considerations, and empirical insights related to this emerging form of creativity and originality. The paper utilized a multifaceted approach. It integrates doctrinal, document, and content analysis methods to scrutinize existing legal frameworks and international perspectives. Additionally, it employed an empirical method to gather insights from experts from the subject matter at hand. In essence, the paper underscores the complexity of extending copyright protection to AI-generated works, necessitating thorough evaluation of legal, economic, and ethical considerations. Hence, it argues that copyright law is inadequate to address copyright challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence. However, several scholars have proposed promising solutions and meticulously explored the intricacies surrounding AI’s creativity, originality, and autonomy.

Keywords: Copyright, Artificial Intelligence, AI-Generated Works, Implications