Freedom Through Art: How Painting Helped College Students Communicate Their Emotions

Authors: Bonicafio, Rikki Lou D., Fremista, Raphael Ian M., Furukawa, Yuuma A., and Rojo, Joanna Juvyjoy A.

Year: 2018


The present study investigated and observed the effects of art on people’s emotions through traditional painting. The problems that the current COVID-19 pandemic caused are the main problems being tackled in this study. The aim of this study is to find out the possible benefits and effects that traditional painting has for artists struggling to cope in the pandemic and how their artistic output can express and communicate the experiences of an individual in that historic point in time. The researchers chose college students in Metro Manila who mainly do traditional art as the sample for this certain study. Information is gathered through non-probability qualitative sampling, specifically unstructured interviews. The answers gathered from most of the respondents have a pattern in which they only paint when feeling positive emotions and they mostly feel relieved and satisfied whenever they finish a painting. Motivations differ for each respondent but painting whatever they want is a recurring factor. The study can still be improved by widening the sample size and selecting and arranging a wider variation of art styles for inclusion of all art mediums as it will benefit the art community.

Key Concepts: Traditional painting, Expression, Communication, Motivation