Digital Diplomacy as an Emerging Tool for International Negotiations

Authors: Cordero, Edshi-Lee A., Malapad, Kathleen Grace C., Marcos, Julie Anne D., and Reyes, Lairi T.

Year: 2018


This research study entitled “Digital Diplomacy as an Emerging Tool for International Negotiations was conducted in order to further understand Digital Diplomacy and to determine whether or not the Philippines should adopt Digital Diplomacy as a tool for International Negotiations. Specifically, the researchers aimed to identify the risks and gains in using digital diplomacy in negotiations, determine the improvements in negotiations using Digital Diplomacy, and know the adaptation of the Philippines to the rapid development of the use of Digital Diplomacy. To be able to gather the necessary data, the researchers used a qualitative approach by interviewing six respondents. Herein, the respondents were specifically chosen through their expertise in the field of Diplomacy and had a background in Digital Diplomacy. Based on the findings, the researchers have arrived at three conclusions: First, that the main advantage of using Digital Diplomacy is that it is able to reach a wide audience both local and international. On the other hand, its greatest concern is security. Second, in terms of international negotiations, it has a positive effect in deepening the relation with other states. Third, that the Philippines is already utilizing Digital Diplomacy but there is no legal framework for it yet.