A Qualitative Case Study on Political Film “THE KINGMAKER”: Opposing Political Perspective Among Filipino College Students of a Philippine University

Author: Calipes, Kimberly Ann F.

Year: 2022


The primary objective of this study is to comprehend the power and impact media holds over open insight, this paper means to survey the impact of political movies on open impressions of governmental issues and society, and what it means for an individual’s political discernment for every review. In order to understand the power and effect film holds over public perception, this paper aims to assess the influence of political films on public impressions of politics and society, and how it affects a person’s political perception per viewing, enabling filmmakers to continue producing high-quality movies that are sensible, factual, and eye-opener that will be beneficial to society. This paper assessed by gathering and analyzing data from subjects in Lyceum of the Philippines University Intramuros, Manila who’ve seen the film “The Kingmaker (2019)”, a Filipino political documentary film by Lauren Greenfield. The researcher collected and analyzed by using qualitative research study and it examined by gathering data with the use of Focus Group Discussion. For the researcher to overview the influence of political films on open impressions of legislative issues and society, the researcher focusses on the following aspects: functions, effects, and implications.

Key Concepts: political films, perspectives, influences, impressions