Tourism Flight Attendant Aspirants in Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila

Authors: Agbon, Patricia R., Donque, Christian Jon A., Garcia Kylah Franchesca Ann S., Nayat, Andrea Seth T., Sarmiento, Erika Janna R. and Danilo Balaysoche

Issue: 2022-2023


The main objective of this study is to examine the impact and degree of influence of a cabin crew vlogger on the flight attendant aspirants’ tourism studies. This study does not focus on the specific contents covered by the cabin crew vloggers. This study can be beneficial to future researchers as it holds potential for enhancing the effectiveness of future research endeavors. This study can reference as a secondary source of data and a source of insight and information. By incorporating additional inputs and information, the future researchers may expand the study’s scope allowing a more comprehensive exploration of the subject matter. The Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila campus serves as the location to be conducted for the study, which will be carried out through an interview utilizing a questionnaire. The participants in this study will consist of third year tourism students of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila.

Keywords: cabin crew; vlogs; cabin crew vloggers; Lyceum of the Philippines; third year tourism students; flight attendant aspirants; influence of cabin crew vloggers; interview