Tourism and Hospitality Programs as A Career Choice: A Case of The Freshmen Students of LPU Manila

Authors: Myka Joy Donguya, Anasan, Ma. Andrea, Ecalnea, Cris Lorenz, Eusebio, Arjan King, Flores, Janzel, Gonzales, Hannah Patricia, Dr. Jocelyn Y. Camalig and Minerva Labadan

Issue: 2020-2021


This study is intended to know the factors that affect the decision-making process of the first year CITHM students of Lyceum of the Philippines-Manila in choosing the program in correlation to Job Opportunities available in the future. The purpose was also to know whether the physical standards in the industry affected their decision-making process in choosing the said program. The study acquired 295 respondents for survey instrument and 10 respondents participated in the interview. The researchers discovered that students’ decision in choosing the programs was influenced substantially by future job opportunities and perceived physical standards at work. They greatly consider the job opportunities including their physical appearance as they believe there are established physical standards in the industry and they want to align their physical appearance to that of the degree in the tourism and hospitality industry, making sure that they are qualified for their future job. 

Keywords: Decision-Making, Physical Attributes, Physical Appearance, Tourism, Hospitality, Freshmen, Physical Standards, Frontline Service, Job Opportunities, Physical Discrimination, Future Career, College Program