The Influence of Social Media Tourism Marketing Strategies of Intramuros to its Local and Foreign Visitors

Authors: Eunice Ann P. Agustin, Jamaica P. Calangan, Jasel Reianne B. Fernandez, Dimple Faye A. Jaqueca, and Kriza Mae D. Mata

Issue: 2022-2023


The goal of this study was to determine the impact of Intramuros’ social media tourism marketing strategy on both domestic and foreign travellers. The study also highlighted the value of these techniques in promoting the area to both domestic and foreign tourists. A descriptive research design was used in the current study. The study’s sample is mostly made up of people between the ages of 18 and 27. The majority of the participants in the study were female and most visitors to this location are Filipinos. The Intramuros region is very important in the Manila tourism sector. As a result, media platforms have been identified as a possible marketing approach for gaining a substantial influence in the tourism industry. Increased advertising activities may result in a bigger number of people engaged in sentimental reminiscence and familiarization with this historic area. Participants in the study agreed strongly on the proposed action plan for improving the quality of social media marketing tactics for better service delivery.

Keywords: Social Media, Marketing Strategies, Tourism, Intramuros, Local and Foreign Visitors, BS International Travel and Tourism Management