The Influence of Social Media on Lyceum of the Philipines University- Manila Students’ Eating Habits

Authors: Eman Exequiel S. Berna, Lourraine Isa M. Liwanag, John Lester O. Motel, Marie Claire A. Oriol, Pamela L. Lleva, Charlene Gay Pablo and Lou Percial M. Apacible

Issue: 2021-2022


The role of social media in this generation is undeniable as people become more aware about their health during this period when taking care of yourself is very much required and important. With the use of social media, a variety of trends have been developed, one of which is health and food-related trends. The influence of social media on Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila students’ eating habits is investigated in this study. This examines the role of social media on students’ eating habits, as well as their assessments of whether social media has a good or bad impact. This study mainly focuses on students of Lyceum of the Philippines University- Manila, specifically those enrolled in the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management (CITHM) courses. Descriptive-quantitative research is a quantitative method for identifying and describing the characteristics of a population or a phenomenon. This approach was utilized to conduct the investigation, and it was suitable for this research since this aimed to determine the impact of social media on the eating habits of LPU-Manila students. Thus, after evaluating all the data, it was found that majority of the students agreed that food-related as well as health- and lifestyle-related content posted on various social media platforms influences their eating habits. Based on the findings, social media plays a significant role in educating people about food, health, and making food-related decisions.

Keywords: Eating Habits, Food Consumption, Food, Choice, Meal Frequency, Social Media, Social Media